The Learners Lab Foundation Main Website -- Its Coming Soon!

Pardon our dust as we reconstruct.  We have made a  great deal of process integrating all our new programs and entities and the Site will be available very soon. So Thanks Again for your patience and Stay Tuned! The Learners Lab Foundation is a charitable foundation serving as the nation’s first workforce training incubator. We are also positioning ourselves as the first ever economic development enterprise for 501c Start-up, 501c Entrepreneurs, & 501c Small Business Entities.  The Learners Lab Foundation is lead by Volunteer Senior Executives, and staffed by Interns, and other volunteers committed to this work.  We are currently recruiting for significant Intern-to-Hire roles that will transition into The Foundation key leadership and operational team. The Learners Lab Foundation is relentlessly working to build a resource depot to empower self-sufficiency for our training and  entrepreneurial stakeholders. Our resources will be open-access, will deliver all our services, supports, and programs in as many languages as there is a demand for, and will serve serving all 25+ types of IRS tax exempts, not just 501c3s. We are very interested in exploring your needs but the demand to discuss far exceeds the number of hours in a day. While we are eager to speak with you about your participation, we ask that you complete your own due diligence and  Please Read & Review all Program Descriptions and Applications Thoroughly before reaching out as our time is limited. The Applications are comprehensive and detailed for that purpose, and we have yet to encounter a query not already answered in these materials. To learn more about the programs we offer and are planning, we encourage you to visit their Program sites directly where all that information is available for download 24/7. The Program websites recently launched can be found at the following links: 501c Startup Membership Association: Academic Partnership Initiative (API): Business Venting Site -- Get it off your chest @: 501c Entrepreneurial Economic Development Programs: MindBodySpirit Mobility Wellness: To learn more about The Learners Lab Foundation, feel free to review our strategic vision plan. You may download it from: 2021 June Summary-TLLF Enterprise & Board Structure Thank you so much for your patience.  Please stay safe!