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The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF) is a national incubator charity that serves as an economic development resource.  We have a simple Mission: To Fuel Self-Empowerment.

The Foundation team is all volunteer and includes every skill level from interim to c-level. Our work establishes, designs, develops, connects, and secures access to resources that have been denied or are inaccessible to those who need it the most. Though open to everyone, we specifically target ignored, underserved and emerging markets of workers requiring open-access job training & employment services, and young, future & startup tax exempts needing funding, technical assistance, price-friendly business services and visibility.

To achieve our Mission, we are building a significant portfolio of Charitable Workforce Training Programs & Hiring Venues (CP), we serve as Fiscal Sponsor (FS) for young, future, and start-up 501c entities, supported by a Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC). Support and operations for both focus areas are served by our Executive Management Fellowship Academy. The Fellowship Academy at The Learners Lab Foundation hosts a unique Cross-Disciplined Executive Management Doctoral Program (PhD) for the broadly experienced Senior Executives, a Series of management-level Fellowships that provides the support to our Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees and TASC clients, and Premier Careers, a collection of high-demand, well-paying career training programs and a series of job-hunter/employer networking venues.

Though currently operating on a small scale, The Foundations Fiscal Sponsorship Program our Fellowship Academy, as well as its Charitable Workforce Training Programs will each officially launch in 2019 when their respective program sites go live.


Early Bird Registration are being accepted from Training Vendors and Schools link their Online Training Products with our Virtual Private Library/Lab™ (The VPL™).

Registrations are also open to Anyone who needs job training. Sign up today, Early Bird Registration discounts end when the program site goes live!

InfoXchange™ (InfoX™), an Information Resource and Newswire Service for start-up, young and future 501c’s is accepting registrations for Start-Up Hub Zone Profiles. Both the VPL™ and InfoX™ are open to everyone, so subscribe early and save!

Take advantage of fantastic Early-Bird Subscription discounts which become permanent as long your account has no breaks in service. We’ll even add 3 months to your first year as an additional Thank-You for registering early. Visit for more information.  Visit for a peak into how our Fiscal Sponsorship Program site will help you.

Please pardon our dust and thank you for your patience as we migrate and reorganization content from our original site. Though this is our main website, this is also our TRAINEE BETA site for web and product development testing and training for those wanting to learn to web development or content management. It temporarily replaces our old HTML/CSS web product which is insufficient to use, but will also go live periodically so learners can see the results of their work live in real time. So thanks again for your patience.

The Learners Lab Foundation is incubating success, fostering self-empowerment by connecting to or creating missing and hard to access resources workers and start-ups need.

Unlike the traditional foundation, The Learners Lab Foundation is also an incubator charity. Our programs target an underserved labor pool needing free and cost-friendly professional development. That means the workforce and the employers that need them are a professional development stakeholder.

The IRS website says it accepts more than 70,000 applications for tax exempt status each year. We recently confirmed our estimates that they also approve roughly 700,000 each year as well. So as a fiscal sponsor and peer start-up, we represent a tremendously ignored but emerging market. Through our programs its our responsibility to help as many of these new, young, future, & 501c entities pursue their goal for tax exempt status and help them successfully operate their charitable program.

Our Mission serves two purposes:

(1) for workers and employers, we develop, acquire and secure access to free & discounted professional development, provide job search & placement assistance services, facilitate talent networking and hiring,
(2) for our 501c start-up peers, we help future tax exempt entities become established, we help young tax exempts launch and mobilize their operations, we help both secure inaccessible resources, discounted products & services, facilitate support peer and resource networks, provide or establish business solutions that are typically denied or priced out of reach.

The Result of our efforts will…

  • eliminate start-up and growth obstacles and introduce this under-served market to future business vendors and the charitable communities they will serve,
  • establish mentor and support partnerships to ensure training and entrepreneurial success,
  • establish partnerships with OEMs, vendors, peers & other solution providers to bring free & heavily discounted products, services, & technologies to ignored populations of workers & new businesses, under-served communities & demographics and an emerging market of individual and business stakeholders,
  • fill training, technology, operational resource gaps, eliminate barriers to training by establishing access to them or developing those subject-specific products in-house, and
  • create a demand for skilled, knowledge-trained interns & apprentices and supply them to employers

The Foundation also:

  • awards career-specific fellowships,
  • provides management consulting & technical assistance services to existing tax exempts,
  • awards complimentary fiscal sponsorship’s & memberships (as resources permit), and
  • maintains a list of other foundations, charities, and special initiatives The Foundation will make contributions

& Services

The Learners Lab Foundation is an incubator charity committed to developing programs, services, and supports designed to minimize and eliminate barriers to essential resources job hunters, young charities, and start up 501(c)'s should never have.

Partners are essential to our work. So product vendors, solution providers, business, and peers please join us and make things possible.

InfoXchange (InfoX™)

InfoXchange™ is our Information Resource & Newswire Service, a perk of our Fiscal Sponsorship Program. InfoX™ is a centralized resource center of RFPs, funding resources, opportunities to barter, hire, advertise & more. Our “HubZone Spotlight™” is a main feature introducing new 501(c)’s to business & public stakeholders each month. InfoX™ is designed for start-ups & open to everyone.

VPL™ – a Virtual Private Lab/Library

The Learners Lab Foundation believes job training should be open, varied, cost-friendly, accessible. Our Virtual Private Lab/Library (VPL)™ will make that happen. The VPL™ Lab will hold OEM Software and the Library will hold workforce training products. Along with tools we develop, The Foundation encourages Training Product Vendors & Schools to make their products available as well. TLLF’s VPL™ drives our Charitable Workforce Training Programs.

Fiscal Sponsorship Program

The Foundation serves as a fiscal sponsor for qualifying entities pursuing their tax-exempt status, and young entities who 501c status is less than two (2) years old. We serve all IRS Types. You can download our Chart of IRS Tax Exempt Categories from Fiscal Sponsorships page.

Technical Assistance Service Center

TASC offers fiscal sponsorship assistance to new, current, and future 501(c)’s who need help but do not want or require a fiscal sponsorship commitment. Visit our TASC services page under Fiscal Sponsorships to register or to learn more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Charitable Programs?

I need job training, free if possible, low cost if not. Do you do that?

Yes. The Learners Lab Foundation is designing what we call our “VPL™” …a Virtual Private Lab/Library™. The VPL™ is our virtual library of training products with a virtual lab of OEM software we have assembled in a centralized, single access point. The VPL™ will be an open-access workforce training and professional development resource. So anyone, meaning individuals, employers, adult literacy groups, job hunters, the unemployed, the new or start-up business, the employer with no training mechanism or budget….anyone who needs it is welcome to use our VPL™ to get the training they want or need. There is no qualification or special permission required, just subscribe to use. The VPL™ will contain job training products from all industries, for all careers types and support all career levels from the mail-room to the board room, and in as many languages as we are able to produce or partner to supply. The Foundation’s VPL™ is a subscription-based product. It is the hallmark of and forms the baseline infrastructure for our entire Charitable Workforce Training Effort. Subscription plans will be determined by the length of time you want to use it, not the resources it contains. Think of it as your personal library, only we stock it and you get to use what you want, when you want, for as long as you care to, and with no restrictions. Some VPL™ products will be free and others heavily discounted to assure greater usage for those who need it the most, our under-employed, unemployed, struggling start-up subscribers. Once the VPL™ launches, The Foundation will also launch our membership program which will entitle qualified applicants free VPL™ access for one year.

Tell me about your Fiscal Sponsorship Program, I might need one!

Sure. Tax exempt start-ups, young 501c’s and those planning/considering 501c status face a number of unique challenges. They are not viewed as business entities which they are, they are not afforded the same considerations from financial institutions, lenders, and banks because they do not return gains. And what’s most startling, many young, future and start-up tax exempts are excluded from the very grant program and competitions targeting start-ups because they [ironically] cannot meet the minimum criteria: (a) a $100k budget (b) a minimum 2-year operations. So, to help eliminate these and other burdens, The Learners Lab Foundation became a Fiscal Sponsor as part of our role as a Public Foundation and responsibility as a Peer. This also drives our mission to Fuel Self-Sufficiency. Our Fiscal Sponsorship Program is straightforward and simple: your organization or program must be a US entity whose headquarters in physically located in the US. Your program(s) can operate globally, but your organizational charter must operates from within the United States. Since The Foundation is not chartered as an international entity we CANNOT SPONSOR Non-US entities or programs.

Are you accepting New Fiscal Sponsorships? If so, what is your process?

Yes. Our Application Cycle is Open, so we accept Applications at any time. Our application is comprehensive and thorough, but it extracts all the essential information required and provides the information needed to formulate your Program & Registration. Our review and approval process is rather swift — typically within 24 hours of receiving an Application plus the App Fee. Don’t have the Application Fee upfront? No worries, we know the drill and are very accommodating. Its no problem to set up a payment schedule for you. We also have a Fee Deferment option if Applicants doesn’t have their fees upfront but have a grant or donation commitment pending that will cover the Application and Registration Fees. We’ve also had Awardees join the program as a gift, where another party’s donation covered their Application and Registration Fees. So we are very flexible and happy to help! For complete details, and to download one of our two (2) applications, visit our Fiscal Sponsorship Page at: Fiscal Sponsorship Program: Criteria & Process

Who is the Foundation’s Market and How are they Served?

The Learners Lab Foundation serves two (2) markets thru a number of different but supporting focus areas. We serve: (a) everyone in the labor pool (i.e. workers and employers) with our Charitable Workforce Training Programs and our future Training Facility, (b) new, young, and future 501c’s, with our Fiscal Sponsorship Program and our Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC). That includes those planning to pursue 501c status, even if only have an idea on a piece of paper Our Executive Management Fellowship Academy is an added support to both our focus areas. The Fellowship Academy will host all our Fellowship Programs, Premier Careers & Workforce Connections, and offer a first of its kind Cross-Disciplinary PhD Program for senior executives who desire an academically recognized Professional Credential that accurately reflects broad, multi-industry expertise. To learn more, visit: The Fellowship Academy @ The Learners Lab Foundation

What is your Early Bird Registration Campaign and How Does It Work?

Our Early Bird Registration Campaign is a dedicated website, This site is the location The Foundation uses to announce or introduce all our programs, products, services, and supports. Not only will you get to learn about new initiatives and services, you will get an exclusive opportunity to register or subscribe early and do so gaining ridiculously deep discounts. Early Bird Registration only last until the program, product, service or support goes live. Once it does, any discounts or courtesy access will end. Only Early Registrants and Early Subscribers will enjoy early use. BENEFITS: As an Early Bird Registrant, you will: 1) receive an extra 3 months of free access 2) receive your Early Bird Registration Rate/Subscription Fee “as your Permanent Rate/Subscription Fee” (as long as there is no break in your service), and 3) have exclusive rights to early access and continued use once it becomes viable before its official launch date. Sign up today! Early Discounts End when the Offering “Officially” Goes Live!

How does The Learners Lab Foundation operate?

The Learners Lab Foundation is a national incubator charity that serves young, new and future 501c’s, job hunters, and professional development customers through its programs, products and services. The key to delivering our services and supports is partnerships. Many of our programs are open-ended, but some are customized to each customer, such as our Fiscal Sponsorship where the program is designed by the Awardee. Some of our programs and service resources are developed in-house, while others are available through partnerships. If not developed internally, access to discounted or donated training products comes the Foundation thru our OEM Training Vendor Partnership Program.

Does The Foundation Make Grants?

No. The Learners Lab Foundation is not a Grant-Making Foundation per se. While we do not offer financial grants, we will award complimentary Fiscal Sponsorship when resources allow. The Learners Lab Foundation is developing a Membership Program, which, once launched, will award qualifying applicants complimentary access to all the Foundation’s workforce training resources for a period of one year. Membership Applications will be open to individuals, students, specialty groups such as adult literacy groups, transitioning military, young or start-up 501c’s, even employers on behalf of their business entitiy.

I’m a US Entity. How can I work with the Foundation?

Because our programs and operations are so varied, The Foundation uses Partnerships to acquire, deliver, support, and develop the resources its needs, and to connect all its markets & stakeholders with the resources they require. As such, The Foundation does not accept unsolicited or cold-call business service offers. We have a number of entry points for vendors to partner with us. For example, we have the Foundation Support Partners Program (FSP). This is a dedicated pool of business service vendors the Foundation automatically goes to for its needs and that of its Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees and TASC Clients. To become an FSP vendors must review an submit an oRFA, that is our “Open Request for Applications” which details criteria, terms, and process. Then there is the Foundation’s Premier Partners Program. Premier Partners are vendors who have provided early-stage financial support or complimentary resources which have helped start a Foundation program, product, and/or service. Premier Partners are also Training Product Vendors & Schools (Training Providers) that have registered early to make available their training products in our VPL, Virtual Private Lab/Library during our Early-Bird Registration Campaign. In addition to Premier Partners status, Providers registering during our Early-Bird Registration Campaign will secure their listing discount as a permanent, perpetual rate if maintained without a break in listing, and will have access to all the benefits, discounts, and services the Foundation receives as a value-added support and Thank You. Vendors are encouraged to visit our Procurement Page to explore each Partnership type more thoroughly then download the appropriate materials to pursue the Partnership that best supports your work, product, and or service.

Are Canadian Firms Welcome?

Absolutely. The Learners Lab Foundation is already severed by several Canadian entities. We welcome you to Support our work or Partner with us to serve our Program Stakeholders.

Does the The Learners Lab Foundation have a Strategic Plan?

Yes. The Learners Lab Foundation has a very aggressive and forward-thinking Strategic Plan. We are currently a virtual operation, with plans for a 40-50 acre brick-n-mortar facility in Maryland. The size of a small college campus, our on-site training facility will mirror our virtual programs and complement it with additional onsite trainings not possible in the virtual space to assure we meet wider, more long term professional development and business operational needs. The goal is to be totally self-sufficient and demonstrate that capacity by making our resources available to our various stakeholder communities. For example, some of what we are working to establish include the following: *The 501c Credit Union, *Domain Registrar, *Toll-Free Number Registrar, *Direct-Access Technology Hub, *GLYDE, our training facility shuttle service & component of our state-wide Auto-Mechanics, Welding & Engineering Program (AWE). You wont find any of these resources in one setting whose sole purpose is to help start-up tax exempts and members of the labor by connecting them with what they need.

Fueling Self-Empowerment