Thank you for your time and Welcome to The Learners Lab Foundation website. These pages offer a snapshot into who we are, what we do and who we strive to serve.

The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF) is a national public charitable foundation focused on elevating under-served & ignored members of the labor pool and an ignored & unrecognized segment of the small business community, 501c Startups & Tax Exempt Entrepreneurs.

The Learners Lab Foundation as an Economic Development Enterprise serves ALL 25+ types of IRS recognized 501c’s, not just 501c3’s. The Foundation works relentlessly to connect workers up and down the org chart with job training resources, to connect tax exempt startups & entrepreneurs to ALL the business and financial resources, visibility and assets they require in order to facilitate their mission and sustain their work. When that’s not possible, we will established or create it in-house as often as is possible.

We will also work relentlessly to assure our resources, programs, products and services are available in as many languages as we receive a demand for, even if we have to produce them ourselves.

The Foundation has been restructuring to achieve our vision by creating several newly established entities, the main one being our membership association, The Association of Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneurs (ATESE), We’ve just launched ATESE and are current recruiting its staff. ATESE was established to further support our peers 501c startups & entrepreneurs entering the small business market, and to give them a collegial networking platform where they can speak freely. ATESE is the nations first membership association of and for 501c Startups & Tax Exempt Entrepreneurs.


Also part of the Foundation Enterprise is The Competence Group, LLC, the parent company and consulting firm of TLLF’s Founder. The LLC serves at Strategic Planning, Infrastructure, & Operations Partner to The Enterprise which also includes the following future entities:

  • The Institute for 501c Entrepreneurial Economic Development, Tax ID: 85-0759000, a policy inclusion think tank, &
  • The Council for 501c/Tax Exempt Entrepreneurial Policy Development and Inclusion Tax ID: 85-0775580, the research center and one of 4 other centers operating from within The Institute


Programs: Current, Pending, Planned

The Foundation develops products, programs & services, creates new entities, and undertakes partnerships to meet targeted needs for its two Stakeholder markets — 501c Startups & Entrepreneurs, and un/underserved persons in the labor pool. Some of those efforts include the following:

A Leg-Up for 501c StartUps™ is a new program The Foundation is launching that awards Stipends for IT projects to 501c technology startups & young tax exempt IT small business who have little-to-no incoming revenue or are starting to grow their business. A Leg-Up for 501c StartUps is not an elimination competition. Instead its a opportunity for new/young 501c tech firms in startup mode or young in operations, to register for unique projects that will bring them big firm dynamics as well as national recognition, hence the name A Leg Up! In addition to the Stipend, Leg-Up Awardees will receive a host of benefits that include branding & co branding opportunity, vendor registration opportunities, and media exposure.

Academic Partnership Initiative (API):  https://AcademicPartnershipInitiative.org. The Academic Partnership Initiative is an Invitation Partnership program by The Learners Lab Foundation that offers year-long technology Internships for Students at Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCU), Minority Service Institutions (MSI), Community Colleges (CC) & Vocational Education Institutions (Voc-Ed). The intent of this initiative gives university and college students real-time, corporate decision-level technology engineering and broad but very unique hands-on experiences that tend to be extended to larger, more well-funded institutions that are not HBCUs, MSI, Community Colleges and VocEd Institution. So The Foundation is offering their corporate projects as a Student learning environment.

800 Blow Off Some Steam:  https://800BlowOffSomeSteam.com. 800 Blow Off Some Steam is a business venting partnership with its parent entity The Competence Group, LLC that was previously a service TLLF Founder unofficially delivered for more than 30 years. This formal version gives peer business professionals a safe, secure and anonymous venue when they want to vent. Appointments are virtual, advise is available as well, those options are available when booking.

Therapy Connection Institute:  https://TheraplyConnectionInstitute.org. The Therapy Connection Institute is a MindBodySpirit Mobility Wellness Program being developed to meets needs of persons with mobility challenges unaddressed due to gaps from insurance policies, and/or access to the appropriate combination of programs & resources that would provide comfort, relieve, improved mobility, and the resulting peace of mind. The Therapy Connection Institute will be located in Ocean City, Maryland, open all year round, and will serve as a supporting open-access resource for anyone who needs it especially the un & under-insured, and our military.


What’s Next?

Stay tuned to learn more about The Learners Lab Foundation, and our plan. We always have innovations in the works.

Meantime, we appreciate that you took the time to visit our site. On behalf of our Sponsors, Volunteer Leadership, Interns, Board, Partners, and Stakeholders we look forward to helping your propel forward.

Thank you again and Stay Safe!


Tax ID: 45-5222602 | NTEE: S30, S43 | NAICS: 926110, 541618, 541690, 611430, 541611 | SIC: 9611, 8748 |  DUNS: 080531844 | CAGE: 81PP3