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The Learners Lab Foundation supports US entities operating within in the United States, all its extra-state jurisdictions and territories, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

Though The Foundation is not chartered to sponsor or engage services on behalf of foreign entities, international organizations, nor can it entertain international operations of any kind, at any level, we are uniquely position to identify those entities who can.

Please review our Research for International Sponsors Program below.

Fiscal Sponsorship Program Terms

Fiscal Sponsorships with the Foundation are a 2-year, 24 month program. It can be exercised in 1 or more consecutive 6-month increments with no breaks.

In fairness to other applicants, we cannot entertain program renewals. Our goal is to approve every applicant that applies. However, the application is not an automatic invitation to participate nor does it guarantee admittance. But we do work to approve all applications, and hold those as “Pending” whose needs are not yet possible to meet.

Have International Interests or Operations?

No Problem.

The Learners Lab Foundation understands not every need means a fiscal sponsorship or fiscal sponsorship on US Soil, yet assistance may still be required to keep moving forward. That’s where TASC comes in.

TASC is the Foundation’s Technical Assistance Services Center. It was established to provide fiscal sponsorship caliber assistance to programs and young, new or start-up 501(c)’s with needs that do not require a fiscal sponsor.

And while the Foundation is not chartered to operate or support operations outside of the US, organizations and programs with International interests and operations are encouraged to register for our Research for International Sponsors Program to be helped as a TASC Client.

As a charitable foundation, we can easily develop a customized “Master List of International Fiscal Sponsors (MLIFS)” organizations and programs you can then pursue directly and on your own time table. The TASC Team conducts research and cross references with the National Directory of Fiscal Sponsors, the IRS’s “Publication 78,” which is three (3) data tables listing all the nations Charities and Non-Profit Organizations, and a host of other reliable and internally established resources. Registration Research Fee to identify US Fiscal Sponsors is $250.

For assistance in identifying International Fiscal Sponsors or for any information on our TASC program, the Program Description and Retainer Registration Form are available below.