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Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) ™

As a start-up of volunteers, we know the challenges and shortfalls when pursuing status as a tax-exempt entity; our own journey was far too many years in the making.

We also understand that not every entity in this position wants or needs a fiscal sponsorship yet may still require some level of assistant to keep moving forward.  That’s where the Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) comes in.

TLLF established the Technical Assistance Service Center  to assure fiscal sponsorship caliber assistance is available to any start-up or any young  charitable operation or program who needs help but does not want or require a fiscal sponsor.

TASC operates a consultancy with no strings attached or time-sensitive restrictions.

With the exception of Grant and Donation Processing, services, resources and benefits for TASC clients are consistent with our Fiscal Sponsorship program.

TASC is available nationwide to any entity or program less than five (5) years old.  Simply submit a request for Technical Assistance Services and include the retainer Fee.

For more info on how to register, feel free to download the TASC Registration Information & Retainer Packet.

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