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InfoXchange (InfoX™), a newswire service


InfoXchange is an Information Resource and Newswire Service.  It is  a cost-effective centralized subscription resource center for new, young or start-up tax-exempts, regardless of what stage of growth you are in, and serves the driving support for The Foundation’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

InfoXchange — Why is It Needed?

Start-ups are not beginning their operation with a bankroll, they need merchant services, supplies, technologies, funding, financial management legal, accounting, staffing, and other support same as any other business. But they need to price-friendly. And contrary to popular belief, tax exempts do not automatically receive grants, donations, or in-kind gifts. In fact, many go with out and not by choice.

InfoXchange was created with this in mind. It is, that we can establish, the nation’s first and only self-service media resource dedicated solely to start-up tax exempts that is open-access for contribution and use but business and visitors in general. Through InfoXchange new, future, and start-up 501c’s are introduced to business, finance, networking, funding, stakeholder communities and resources that they would otherwise hope they could track down and hope would be affordable.

InfoXchange has 3 sections, Start-Up HubZone™, Resources, and Helpful Info.

The Start-Up HubZone™: Introduces a new 501c Start-Up every month!

Start-Up HubZone™ profiles are not static articles that remain the same month after month, year after year.  Through Start-Up HubZone™ our are profiles are live chronicles, self-maintained by the host entity.  So readers can follow their work and their progress as they mature.

InfoXchange delivers centralized access long overdue assets thru its Resources and Helpful Info sections that include:

  • The 411: News & Events
  • Finance and Financial Management
  • Partners Corner™: Entities Supporting Start-Up 501c’s
  • Grants, RFPs,
  • CunNECT, our print and media network of Business Directory Listings,
  • Barters Corner & Ads, and
  • Resume Depot of mail room to-boardroom candidate pipelines whose interest is serving tax exempts.

Additional resources & connections will include:

  • Networking Venues for connecting peer start-ups
  • Exclusive vendor relationships courtesy of The Learners Lab Foundation from suppliers and businesses who honored the Foundation’s requirement of offering donate and/or price-friendly discounts appropriate for new entities just starting out
  • Links to future Foundation products, services, and resources including but not limited to:
    ** The 501c Credit Union
    ** The Technology Hub, including Domain & Toll Free Number Registry Services
    ** The Foundation Technology Council, working to establish special co-licensure programs for pending 501c’s

InfoXchange™ is open to everyone to assure that new, young, Start-Up, and Future 501c’s have equally and unlimited access to everything a start-up business or program needs.

Want a sneak peep, visit the interim site at