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Fiscal Sponsorships

Program Overview

As a young, all volunteer foundation, we know first-hand the challenges and shortfalls that exist when pursuing tax exempt status,particularly with sparse resources, lack of peer support and assistance — our own journey was far many too years in the making. To help eliminate these burdens and as part of our role as a Public Foundation, The Learners Lab Foundation proudly serves as an Open, Unrestricted Fiscal Sponsor.

Qualify to the Foundation’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program is easy. Your organization or program must be a US entity with its headquarters operating on and located within the United States — that’s on US soil. To be eligible, you can:
** be in the initial stages of forming an organization or program, or
** have “received” your tax exempt status less two years prior to your Fiscal Sponsorship Application, or
** be an existing business planning a change from For-Profit to Not-for-Profit tax exempt, or
** be planning or pursuing tax exempt status as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at any point in your progress, or
** be an Individual, team or group no further than the “idea” stage.

There are more than 30 differing classifications of tax exempt entities, the most popular classification is the 501(c)(3).  The Foundation serves “ALL” the IRS tax exempt classifications, including the 501c Charitable Organization. There are 501(c)(13)’s which are Cemetery Companies, 501(c)(14)’s Credit Unions, and 501(c)(8) Fraternities just to name a few. To review a complete list of the IRS Tax Exempt Entities by Type, feel free to download our simplified chart from: IRSTaxExemptTypes.pdf.

The Foundation cannot offer Sponsorships to Charitable-For-Profit-Entities defined as L3c’s under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) given its for-profit status. However, even though we cannot offer fiscal sponsorships to L3c’s, we can and do include L3c’s and all other entity types as peer organizations we serve through our Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC).

TASC was established specifically for this purpose provide the same range of support MINUS Grant & Donation Processing, which legally can only occur through a fiscally sponsored relationship.

Please refer to the guidelines published on for eligibility criteria and clarification as to their definition of a tax exempt entity before submitting your application.


Fiscal Sponsorship Program Description

Fiscal Sponsorship Application Grant & Donation Only

Fiscal Sponsorship Application: Full in Word & PDF. Payment is by PayPal.
* as a PDF: FSAPP2017.pdf
* as an MS Word Document: FSAPP2017.docx

Submitting Your Application & Payment
Debit/Credit Card Payment Authorization Forms.

If you prefer to pay by debit or credit card, feel free to use one of the authorization forms below. Both are form-fillable and require a hand-written signature.
* The PDF Form: TLLF Payment Authorization (PDF)
* The MS Word Form: TLLF Payment Authorization (Word)

For online payments thru PayPal, submit Application + Payment Confirmation to

For debit/credit card payments, fax Application+Credit Card Authorization to our secure fax on 866 991 5110, Attn: Fiscal Sponsorship.