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Foundation VPL, a Virtual Private Lab/Library ™

What is a VPL™

The Learners Lab Foundation has created an all-on-one, all-access virtual training library and software lab to meet the professional development needs of works and employers. Our VPL™ is a centralized training resource that is the driving component for our Charitable Program (CP) workforce training infrastructure. It operates virtually, linking to Vendor with original training products and software to every person and business in the labor pool. It’s not pay per course, it’s subscribe to access — saving you tons of money.

For Training Subscribers

The VPL™ is just like your neighborhood library, whatever it contains is available to use once you register to access it. Think of our VPL™ as your personal library — its Open-Access to all the Unlimited Workforce Training we can fill it with and you choose what you want to use & when you want to use it.

Nominally priced, The VPL™ operates as a subscription service with as many donated products or significantly discounted as possible. We’re also creating free access to the software lab section of our VPL™ Lab as well.

There are no time or usage limits, no program or income restrictions, no gimmicks or special requirements. Just subscribe to access the library/lab for as long as you need to use its contents and that’s it.

So subscribe now during our pre-launch at Your opportunity to save ends when we launch The VPL™, and The VPL™ is coming soon!

Online Training Product Vendors & Credentialing School! The Foundation Needs Your HELP!

We are working relentlessly to provide workers and employers in with cost effective training in a self-service venue. The greatest need is with the unemployed, under-employed, adult literacy groups, transitioning military, start-up and struggling businesses and 501c’s.

Tapping into our diverse market pool and give access to your portfolio of virtual Workforce Training Products to ALL our business and training subscriber markets will be game changing for your business.

No where else do all these markets converge!

You’ll gain a continuously growing customer base of underserved unemployed, under-employed workers, small and new businesses, employers needing to provide training but can’t afford it, and an ignored & growing market of young, future and start-up 501c’s — all of whom will ALWAYS need job and career-specific training.

Want to help?

Become a VPL™ Premier Training Partner Today by Listing Early in the Foundation’s VPL™ before it launches and receive a wide variety of perks only for early registrants. Visit

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