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Foundation News

The Learners Lab Foundation Launches Early Registration Campaign with Interim Websites

July 2018

Our temporary sites for InfoXchange™, the Newswire service supporting our Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) and Fiscal Sponsorship Program, and our Early-Bird Registration site are now live.  The official sites go live in early 2019.

Start-ups need a tremendous helping hand getting started and often find themselves excluded from accessing the very resources they need. This is especially true when the start-up is a new or young 501c.

At The Learners Lab Foundation, we’re been fighting that same battle. So being pro-active, we’ve created a centralized portal where business service, procurement, staff management,and funding information, and other resources can be posted, shared and accessed.

Now visitors, charities, and business in general have the freedom to post RFPs, information about funding, products, services, charitable work, talent management needs for pennies on the dollar. Charities, job hunters interested in charitable work, partners and mentors interested in service a charity may all post and find that information with us thru InfoXchange™. There is nothing else out there like InfoXchange™, and you’ll quickly see there is nothing as comprehensive in resources for so few dollars.

Want information on how to Subscribe? Stay tuned to the Resources 4 U page, watch for InfoXchange™ to go live or feel free to email us at and to receive the Subscribers Early-Bird Registration Package of special discounts and access privileges as soon as it becomes available.

Fiscal Sponsorship Application Cycle Open

January 2018

The Learners Lab Foundation launched its Fiscal Sponsorship Program the fall of 2015. We are very pleased to announce the application period is open for the current year.

For information on our Fiscal Sponsorship Program and to apply, please visit Fiscal Sponsorship Program page which presents a detailed overview of the program, application process, fees, eligibility criteria and much more.

Need help but not a Fiscal Sponsorship? No problem. The Foundation’s Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) is open for business and ready to help. TASC operates similar to our sponsorship program but without an application process or term limits. It does require a retainer and registration. For complete information, download The Learners Lab Foundation TASC Registration & Retainer Information Packet today!