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Fellowship Academy


To meet the growing demand for 22nd century knowledge and the changing need for that expertise, we have established The Fellowship Academy at The Learners Lab Foundation.

The Fellowship Academy is a multi-functional Executive Management learning environment.  It provides an open-access online venue and offers three (3) levels of professional development/adult education.

The current program areas of The Fellowship Academy offer:

  • a first of its kind Senior Executive Management Doctoral Program,
  • a series of Diversely-Focused Management Fellowship Programs, and
  • Premier Careers: A Portfolio of In-Demand Workforce Training Products Targeting Well-Skilled, Well-Paid Careers linked to a series of job assistance and employer networking venues

Executive Management Doctoral Program

The Learners Lab Foundation has developed the Executive Management Cross-Disciplinary Administration (PhD/EMCDA).
The Executive Management Cross-Disciplinary Administration (PhD/EMCDA) is a doctoral program we hoped to have credentialed as a recognized doctoral program.  More than a professional certification, the  PhD/EMCDA is adult education custom designed for the experienced leader whose brings or desires a richer level of expertise that spans across public, private and educational business sectors.

Along-side this doctoral program, The Foundation is pursing status as a recognized Accreditation Authority for The Fellowship Academy. All coursework and training will be offered online, and we are developing our own pipeline of professional development products in addition to the portfolio of products provided by our vendor partners.

Management Fellowship Program

The Foundation offers 4 Management Fellowships thru the Fellowship Academy.
Candidates awarded as Management Fellowship Trainees will support The Foundation’s Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees & TASC Clients. The goal of the program is for our Management Fellows to gain hands-on practical experience and Program Management level expertise that is immediately actionable for the Fellow and the customers they will serve.

While a competitive process, Applicants are welcome to choose from any or as many of the following as desired:

  • Grant Writers & Development Professional Management Fellows (GWD),
  • Logistics & Resource Management Fellows (LRM),
  • Non-Profit/Tax Exempt Management & Administration Fellows (NP/TMA),
  • Social Media, Communications for the 22nd Century Management Fellows (SMComm)

All Fellows will support Foundation Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees and TASC clients resulting in a broad, incredibly high level of expertise. Foundation Fellowships are 2-year engagements. Year 1 is part time and unpaid though stipends will become available as funding allows (we are working on that). Year 2 is paid, optional, and includes supervisory responsibilities over interns.

Fellows will be welcome to join the foundation immediately after completion of their program, or open to return at their leisure after working for other organizations. When they do, they will be in permanent position whose responsibility with include peer-mentoring incoming fellows.

The first Foundation Fellowship anticipated to go live will be the Grant Writing and Development Fellowship Program by mid-Summer 2018. Fellows in the GWD Program will gain a complete life cycle of relationship building, development, and follow-thru, fundraising expertise not just grant writing and solicitation. Foundation Fellows will have complete access to all Foundation resources, including grant resources and individual memberships where permitted.

Premier Careers: A Portfolio of Well-Skilled Training Products

We all know there are shortages predicted in some fields and others are significantly underrepresented by women and girls.
To help combat this problem and to empower any person in the labor pool, The Learners Lab Foundation has been building an internal portfolio of targeted career disciplines to offer as workforce training at the Fellowship Academy.

As a part of the Foundation Proprietary Portfolio of Premier Career Professional Development Products, we have begun developing some of these career training products and have established a Training Vendor Partnership Program for Product Vendors & Training Schools interested in linking their online training products to our Virtual Private Library/LabThe VPL™“.

Among them are:

  • Appraisals (to increase women and girls in this field)
  • Architecture
  • Court Reporters & Transcriptionist
  • Media Disposal & Sanitization w/NIST
  • Notary Signing Agent (NSA)
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • Welding, Yes its Online!

Stay tuned! There are many more innovations coming from The Learners Lab Foundation.