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Ways You Can Help

The Learners Lab Foundation would like to thank the following entities and individuals for their kind generosity and support.

  • The Competence Group (TCG) start-up & backup & back office operations, strategic planning, program development, web hosting, other operations services,
  • Benware Consulting for training, instructional design, and professional development strategic planning,
  • Bryant Consulting (BC) for governance, accounting consulting services,
  • Carter-Lambert Divisions (CLD) mentor & strategic planning
  • Cybrary IT for becoming The Foundation’s first VPL Partner, agreeing to provide access to their online library of cyber security and technology video courses, study materials and testing tools,
  • Clark Enterprises, Inc. (CE) for technology strategic planning services,
  • Lara Grass Thomas for Finance & Strategic Planning Services.
  • Talent & Development Resources (TDR) Strategic Advisor, governance services, customized learning & programmatic development
  • Trisphere for our web design, WP and other development, project and planning services, and
  • Code for Social Good (C4SG), and all our web services volunteers and contributors for their services.
  • Welcome Vendor Support Partners ™

Thank you to the following vendors for helping the Foundation bring cost-friendly products and services to our stakeholders. Their commitment is sincerely appreciated.

  • Cybrary IT
  • Glad Design Studio
  • OCG Human Resources & Management Consultants

…and to:

  • Benware Consultings
  • Michele Israel Educational Writing & Consulting
  • Phylise Banner Consulting,
  • Rachel and Jolie Life Coaching

…,and the host of other Coaches, Trainers, and Instructional Designers who have Registered to serve as a TEC Training Partner (tm)!

In fact, we’ve had such an overwhelming response to our initial request, that we are designing a proprietary tool, “Execs On Loan” so Foundation, Awardees, clients and other stakeholders can save time by connecting with our TEC Training Partner ™  and other partners directly to request assistance and/or submit their project requests.

Think you’d like to help a young foundation?

Register as a Training Vendor-Partner
Make your training materials available through the Foundations VPL. Request a brochure. or Join the Foundation’s Mentor Team to serve as Mentor to our Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees. Sponsor a Deserving Program, Start-Up for Fiscal Sponsorship, our application & registration fees are nominal. Share our TLLF Fiscal Sponsorship Program Application & help them get the jump-start they need.

Join Us as Premier Partner

Among other generosities, Foundation Premier Partners receive permanent branding & business directory listings through-out on the all Foundation current and future web products.

Product & Program Sponsors also receive Naming/Co-Branding Rights in exchange for helping, supporting, and/or serving along-side The Foundation!

The Learners Lab Foundation is a national foundation serving as a workforce training & employment incubator, and economic development resource.

We are all volunteers.

Share your talent as a mentor, in social media management, in marketing, or a peer. To find out how please email us at   FndtnInfo@TheLearnersLab.org us.