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Doing Business with the Foundation

The Learners Lab Foundation is changing the ways things are done

….and we need your help…

…for young, future and start-up tax exempts, unless you’re doing so well, you’ll send an opportunity to capture some of the 700,000 new tax exempts to your competition each year!

…..for the unemployed, under-employed, employers with no training programs, and EVERYONE in the labor pool, unless you’re willing to keep throwing away the professional development business of this growing market!!!!

……The Foundation’s mission is to Fuel Self-Empowerment. These markets have been ignored and undeserved long enough.

Are you willing to help make a difference?

If So, Then Do Something….Partner with Us!

Sponsor a Program, Product or Support Service, then contribute to its operation.

Or register to link to your Online Training Courses or Business Software with our Virtual Private [training] Library & Lab™, The VPL™.

Or help us create Non-English versions of training products for this ever growing segment of our workforce.

…for young, future and start-up tax exempts, that means access to needed funding information, business services, operations resources, and visibility in the market place! Partner with us buy listing your business and services, posting your resource information.  You won’t get an RFP, because we select from our Supporting Partner or other Vendor Pools.  Shouldn’t you be on it?

You’ll gain access to an annual market of at least 700,000 new 501cs according to the IRS approval count. That’s 700k EACH YEAR!

Businesses seem to forget…501c tax exempts are business entities just like you. We have the same supply, resource, information, logistic, funding, financial management, communication, technology, staffing, public relations, marketing, legal, accounting, tax, benefits, professional development and other needs as you do.

And Remember, you were a start-up once yourself. So help us serve, nurture and support and propel them forward. It will be a long lasting relationship that repays in many ways.

…..for the unemployed, under-employed, and everyone else in our labor pool, who need workforce training, they can access, complete, transferable skills that are language-friendly, address every industry not just IT. That means Training Vendors & Schools Partner to help us populate our open, unrestricted workforce training portal system by registering to provide access to as many of your online training products as you like.

…the future of lifelong learning customers depends on you!

You’ll support our VPL™ and we’ll work to supplement those products in as many languages as we receive demand for.

You’ll help support The Foundation’s interns, apprentices and fellows with with products that align to our learning strategy of training for organizational operations bottom-to-top!

Where you support workers in the labor pool, or start-ups getting their footing, Vendors registering before we launch these resources not only receive a ton of perks and benefits, but you’ll receive a Wiki/Emblem reflecting your status as a Foundation Premier Partner, and your Early Bird Registration listing fee becomes your permanent rate (if no breaks in registration listing).

Sounds good, Here’s how to get started!