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AWE: Auto-Mechanics, Welding & Engineering™

The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF) is a 501C3 charitable organization headquartered in Prince Georges County. The Foundation was established as a workforce training & fiscal sponsorship incubator. Our mission includes acquiring and developing a centralized repository of training resources for open access use for white & blue collar, trade, vocational, engineering & technical careers. Equally important is encouraging employers expand their use of interns and apprentices. Our goal is to help prepare anyone for the job or career they want and create opportunities for that to happen.

The Foundation’s Auto-Mechanics, Welding, & Engineering (AWE) Program demonstrates this by combining auto mechanics with the welding discipline plus “a host” of engineering disciplines. The result is a centralized series of interrelated disciplines for the most comprehensive learning experience possible. Tied together with learning the intricacies of operating a transportation business, the result will be a body of knowledge poised to enter nearly any of the vast auto business or industry career fields that derive from any of these professions:

Trainees can choose a single, program, develop their own customize combined training program or they can take advantage of the entire AWE Training Portfolio:
* Auto Mechanics thru Engineering: Chemical, Computer, Construction, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, Petroleum, Plastics, Structural, Software
* Auto Mechanics thru Service & Safety: (overlaps with Repair Service Mgmt to include current, new and developing fluids & fuels, their usage, pricing, supply/demand challenges, and most especially hazmat & environmental impact)
* Commercial Driving & Repair Engineering
* Fabrication (to include auto body, frame, design, restoration, customization, refinishing, bonding agents & other compounds (what to use, when to use, & how to use), 3D technology, C&C machines & other specialized tools, software, & equipment)
* Heavy Equipment Training & Maintenance
* Repair Service Management & Operations (which includes safety, how to maintain hazmat & environment best practices, parts knowledge & inventory management)
* Welding (overlaps some aspects of all the above)

Vehicle donations made to TLLFs AWE Program will mean invaluable on-the-job training both in terms of knowledge and job readiness for a host career options within and in support of the auto industry.

Because of our unique, first-ever approach, the learned outcome must be consistent. Therefore, donated vehicles will NEVER BE SOLD. Instead donated vehicles will become a continuous training tool, a consistently available training resource, and an instructional mechanism that assures the development of unique experiential knowledge like no other.

Vehicle Donations
Vehicle donations are not being accepted at this time, we are working to secure storage facilities and the location of our first AWE training site.

Stay tuned for more information and updates as they become available. Feel free email at